Information extraction from Final Settlement documents

This synchronous API extract in real-time relevant information from Final Settlement document such as employee's Name, Contract End Date, Total Settlement Amount, Payment Details, Payment Date, Employee Signature, Employer Name, Contract Legality, Portability Rights and Social Security Contributions.

The Final Settlement document is an important document that is used to settle all financial obligations between an employer and an employee when the employment contract is terminated. It is crucial to verify the accuracy and completeness of this document to ensure fair treatment of the employee and compliance with labor laws.

The extracted key information from the Final Settlement document includes:

  • Employee's Name: The full name of the employee who is terminating the employment contract.
  • Contract End Date: The date on which the employment contract is officially terminated.
  • Total Settlement Amount: The total amount to be paid to the employee as part of the final settlement, including any outstanding salary, bonuses, and benefits.
  • Payment Details: The breakdown of the payment, including details of any leave allowances, severance pay, salary arrears, and bonuses.
  • Payment Date: The date on which the final settlement amount will be paid to the employee.
  • Employee Signature: The signature of the employee, confirming their agreement with the final settlement terms.
  • Employer Name: The name of the employer or company from which the employee is receiving the final settlement.
  • Contract Legality: Verification of the legality of the termination of the employment contract, ensuring compliance with labor laws and regulations.
  • Portability Rights: Verification of the employee's rights to portability of their social security benefits, if applicable.
  • Social Security Contributions: The amount of social security contributions deducted from the employee's salary, if applicable.

Maximum file size: 5 MB.
Maximum number of calls per minute: 10 calls.

For better results, it is highly recommended to provide documents
under these properties :

  • The image resolution should be greater than 200 DPI
  • The document must not be blurred or rotated
  • In case of a photo document, make sure that the text area does not contain any highlights or shadows
  • The entire document must be in the frame
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