Information extraction from bank details document (RIB)

Recognize Bank Details document from user file input and extract
relevant information:

  • Account owner first and last name.
  • Account owner address.
  • Account owner owner address details.
  • Bank BIC code.
  • Account owner city.
  • Account owner civility.
  • Account IBAN number.
  • Account owner city zipcode.
  • Bank name.
  • Bank country code.

Maximum file size: 5 MB.
Maximum number of calls per minute: 10 calls.

Input document(s) can be either black & White or colored.

For better results, it is highly recommended to provide documents
under these properties :

  • The image resolution should be greater than 200 DPI
  • The document must not be blurred or rotated
  • In case of a photo document, make sure that the text area does not contain any highlights or shadows
  • The entire document must be in the frame
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