Information extraction for Certificates of Incorporation (Kbis).

This synchronous API extracts in real-time information from French Certificates of Incorporation (Kbis):

The following information is extracted:


  • Company Name Conformity:
    • Check that the company name is valid using InseeAPI and the RCS registration number.
  • Registration Date Conformity:
    • Check that the registration date is valid using InseeAPI and the RCS registration number.

Extracted Information:

  • RCS:
    • RCS registration number and city (Immatriculation au RCS, numéro).
  • Registration Date:
    • Registration date (Date d'immatriculation).
  • Company Address:
    • Company address (Adresse du siège).
  • Legal Form:
    • The legal form of the company (SARL, SA, etc.) (Forme juridique).
  • Capital:
    • Social capital (Capital social).
  • Activity:
    • Company main activity (Activités principales).
  • Transfer From:
    • Transferred from and date (Transfert du).
  • Original Registration Date:
    • Original registration date (Date d'immatriculation d'origine).
  • Duration:
    • Company duration (Durée de la personne morale).
  • Closing Date:
    • Closing date of the financial year (Date de clôture de l'exercice social).
  • First Closing Date:
    • Closing date of the first financial year (Date de clôture du 1er l'exercice social).
  • Code NAF:
    • NAF code (Nomenclature d'activités française (code NAF)).
  • Establishment Address:
    • Establishment address (Adresse de l'établissement).
  • Practiced Activities:
    • Activity(ies) carried out by the company (Activité(s) exercée(s)).
  • Activity Start Date:
    • Start date of activity (Date de commencement d'activité).
  • Code NAF Establishment:
    • NAF code of the establishment (Nomenclature d'activités française de l'établissement (code NAF)).
  • Commercial Name:
    • Commercial name (Nom commercial).
  • Origin of Funds or Activity:
    • Origin of the funds or the activity (Origine du fonds ou de l'activité).
  • Operating Mode:
    • Operating mode (Mode d'exploitation).
  • Date:
    • Date (Date).


  • List of members.
    • Full Name:
      • First and last name (Nom, Prénom).
    • Birth Date:
      • Birth date (Date de naissance).
    • Birth Place:
      • Birth place (Lieu de naissance).
    • Citizenship:
      • Citizenship (Nationalité).
    • Personal Address:
      • Personal Address (Domicile personnel).
    • Usual Name:
      • Usual name (Nom d'usage).
    • Company Name:
      • Company name (Dénomination).
    • Company Address:
      • Company address (Address).
    • Legal Form:
      • Legal form (Forme juridique).
    • RCS:
      • RCS number (Immatriculation au RCS, numéro).


  • List of mentions.
    • Date:
      • Mention's date (Date de la mention).
    • Mention:
      • Mention's text (le crops de la mention).

Moreover, a check is made to the INSEE database in order to verify if the company name and registration date.

Maximum file size: 5 MB.
Maximum number of calls per minute: 10 calls.

For better results, it is highly recommended to provide documents
under these properties :

  • The image resolution should be greater than 200 DPI
  • The document must not be blurred or rotated
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