The control dateValidityDelivery for id cards is deprecated and will be removed in future versions.

A new control dateConformity is added to id controls: it verifies the coherence between the deliveryDate and expiryDate. The control is True is the difference between the two dates is the number validity years minus one day.


by Gael Bonn

A new output is added to each extractor, entities, it lists all the entities found in the document:

  "entities": [{"fullName": "Charles L'Heureux", "firstName": "Charles", "lastName":"L'Heureux", "id": "zakoz35az234251f"}],
  "extractedInformation": {...},
  "controls": {...}

ID documents' API have been improved for better extraction and verification:

  • If both front and back and sent in the request, global status is adjusted to take account of both sides.
  • Face matching is more robust to image orientation. We strongly recommend you to take the face photo in portrait mode.
  • Driver license FR 2013 is added to the ID API support.
  • The extraction performance have been improved across the different fields.

The document extraction APIs have been improved to better support multi page handling:

  • The accepted inputs are restricted to multiple pdfs or multiple images, each of them represents a document. Pdfs and images are not accepted simultaneously,
  • The response of a request is redefined to be a single output, that is the output of the extraction on a single document (a list of pdf or a list of images).

An additional control is added to reco/pay-slip:

  • joiningDateConformity: verifies if the joining date is after the registration date of the company.