Information extraction from identity cards

This synchronous API processes and controls official French ID documents:

  • National ID Cards (2003 or 2021 model)
  • Biometric Passports
  • Living Permits (2011 or 2021 model)
  • Driver License (2013 model)

The API extract in real-time relevant information and control information.
Control information (depends on the type of identity card):

  • Global Status - is the identity card a real valid card: true or false
  • Are the initials are present on the photo
  • Is the MRZ stripe conform regarding other extracted information
  • Is the MRZ stripe valid regarding other extracted information
  • Is the photo present
  • Are holographic symbols present

User input controls (verify if the expected information matches the extractions):

  • first name
  • last name
  • birth date
  • gender
  • photo: The photo must be in portrait format and the face must be visible and not covered.

Information extracted cover:

  • Card holder's first name
  • Card holder's last name
  • Card holder's birth date
  • Card holder's birth place
  • Card holder's address
  • Card delivery date
  • Card expiry date
  • Card Id Number
  • Card MRZ

The API accepts images or pdfs. Only one format is accepted at a time.
The API accepts the front and back on the same file or on two separate files (either 2 images or 2 pdf pages). A maximum of 2 pages is allowed.

For better results, it is highly recommended to provide documents under these properties:

  • The image resolution should be greater than 200 DPI
  • The document must not be blurred or rotated
  • In case of a photo document, make sure that the text area does not contain any highlights or shadows
  • The entire document must be in the frame

Please note the following rate limits are applied :

  • Maximum file size: 5 MB.
  • Maximum number of calls per minute: 10 calls.
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