Optimal conditions of scans and pictures for document processing.

Document processing involves the recognition and capture of information on a document. Thus, several conditions must be met for any document to be properly processed through our API. They are listed on this page.

The document must not be blurry

The following document is too blurry. Our API cannot recognize the document or extract information.

The document must be entirely visible

The following document is cropped in the middle. Our API will not be able to capture information or execute authenticity controls.

The document should avoid any reflection

The following document has too many reflections. Datakeen's API will not be able to give a satisfactory result and the controls will fail.

The document must be well lighten

The light and contrast on the following document are too low. The picture will not be processed by our API.

The document must be aligned

Documents with an overly uneven inclination will not be processed by our tool.


Guidelines must be followed

Any document that does not meet the previous prerequisites will not be yield expected outcomes.